The following stations gave up webcasting:

1Accent4 Where?Strasbourg, FranceThe first station in the world broadcasting 24hrs in 80 Kbps stereo. Not anymore, now streaming MP3. Een beetje een zooi! A mess, mostly not available !

Accent4klik 96K Stereo

Accent4klik 32K Stereo

2 Beethoven Radio
Where? PlayList Available
The stations that stopped
Hartford, Ct
" (former WTMI) is determined to be THE internet classical music radio station" and brings popular classical music 24 hours/d. Their free classical stream ended at midnight on 8/28/2010. Only way to hear them now is (a) live in Connecticut or (b) become a member for $10/mo. Windows Media Player:

Beethoven 24K Stereo

7 Canada Classical Where?
Vancouver, Canada
Fine Classical Music . A Non-Profit Listener supported Radio service MP3 stream
CCklik 128k44 Stereo
3CJRT FM Where?
Toronto, Canada
Canada's only non-profit, fine arts radio station. Exciting, interesting, provocative, fun, different, intelligent, unique, powerful. Celebrating our 50th anniversary, CJRT FM is the only station of its kind in Canada. Featuring classical and jazz music, sprinkled with folk, blues, big band, swing, opera, the BBC news, arts and entertainment coverage.CJRTFMklik 16K Mono
CJRTFMklik G2 Mono
3Classical 24 MPR Where?
PlayList Available
Saint Paul,MN
AudioLink Changed
CLASSICAL 24 is a nationally syndicated classical music service produced by Minnesota Public Radio and distributed by Public Radio International.The service is dedicated to live classical music programming twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The knowledgeable, genial hosts of Classical 24 play great music from a library of more than 50,000 classical-music CDs.

Classical 24klik 20K G2 Stereo
Listen here:
They stopped live webcasting

6KDB Where?

Santa Barbara, CA
KDB, is one of only a handful of self-supporting classical music stations in the United States.Santa Barbara is one of the smallest to have its own classical music station. Saturday broadcasts of the Metroplitan Opera live from New York are heard only on KDB.

KDBklik 20K Mono

KDBklik 56KG2 Stereo

25KDFC Back Again
Classical 102.1 Where?
San Francisco, CA

KDFC:"As a result of uncertainty about rights related to streaming broadcast programming over the internet, San Francisco's Classical 102.1 KDFC is temporarily suspending the internet transmission of its programming. Please excuse the inconvenience. We are working to solve these problems as soon as possible."
KDFC is back on Internet

Windows Media Player:
KDFCklik 16K Mono
15Klassik Radio Where?
PlayList Available Back Again
Hamburg, Germany
With a pilot project by T-Online for Breitbandige Angebote via ADSL, Klassik Radio has reached the highest quality in Streaming Audio.Windows Media Player:
Klassik Analogklik 20K
Klassik ISDNklik 50K
Klassik ADSLklik 160K
19Klasyka FM
Poznan, Poland
Klasyka FM brings najpiekniejsze melodie (=the most beautiful melodies) 24 hrs a day. Classical melodies for the common people. Few commercials and local information in Polish.KlasykaFMklik 102K G2 Stereo
Switched to Pop/Rock

San Francisco

KMozart 1510 or is no longer in service.....we are sorry for the inconvenience but welcome you to visit our sister station

KMZT AMklik G2 Stereo
Where? PlayList Available

Los Angeles
Exciting movements, recognizable melodies, poignant moments and romantic themes along with or very talented, knowledgeable and entertaining hosts. KKGO 105.1
105.1 K Mozart would like you to know that, due to forthcoming government regulations regarding copyright royalties, K Mozart is unable to offer internet streaming on its website.

KKGOklik 20K G2Mono

Windows Media Player:
Kmozartklik 21K Stereo

13KRTS Where?
Houston, TX
KRTS Via Broadcast.comKrtsklik 16K Mono
13KVOD Where?

back as CPR
Denver, CO
KVOD ,the Classical Voice of Denver, serving up classical music in Colorado since 1969, in a friendly, unpretentious style.Windows Media Player:
KVODklik 20K Stereo
37KXTR Where?

Kansas City, MO
On Aug. 17, the station's newest owner took KXTR off the FM dial and created KXTR-AM -- a barely audible station. When KXTR abruptly went from Mozart to "Matchbox 20," a pop-rock format, Kansas City became the latest market to see classical music drop from the FM dial. Now exclusively on the Internet. But:
Due to ongoing contract issues regarding the distribution of material through audio streaming via the Internet, KXTR has been forced to discontinue streaming of their entire broadcast schedules.
Windows Media Player:
KXTRklik 20K Stereo
33Mozart Radio
Where? PlayList Available
Temp(?) Down
Streaming MP3 : A Spanish student, webcasting 24 hrs a day. Actually quite a bizarre looping Mozart-tape of 90 minutes. But it is a start.. ! Mozart Radio Murcia, SpainMozart Radio klik 24K 11KHz Stereo. MP3

MTM Radio Where? PlayList Available
Montreal Canada

MTM Radio a cessé d'émettre le 23 septembre 2007, à 18h.

Contemporary classical music, 1900-Today. Specialised throughout the world in contemporary classical music broadcasting, MTM Radio (Modern Times Music) offers you high quality works 24 hours a day. Our highly eclectic musical choice goes from the beginning of the Twentieth Century (Mahler, Sibelius, Bartók, Prokofiev) up until today's composers (Sheng, Adams, Reich) and passing through the Mid-Twentieth Century (Ligeti, Boulez, Stockhausen, Xenakis, Messiaen, Dutilleux). MTM intends to be a pay radio station. Till mid Jan 2006 it is free.Streaming Ogg Vorbis
MTM Radio klik 64k Stereo
44Musica Bona
PlayList Available
Prague, Czech Republic
Radio Musica Bona is the first on-line radio station specialising in classical music written by Czech composers or performed by Czech musicians. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we broadcast a continuous stream of music without advertisements or live interruptions. The quality of the sound is better than that of most Internet radio stations.

MusicaBonaklik 48k Stereo

Unfortunately we won't start webcatsing in a near future due to the persisting problems with our internet provider.

20NetRadio NetCompanion Where?

Netradio : After more than six years of streaming diverse and quality music over the Internet, we’ve ceased our music service. It’s not for a lack of hard work, passion, talent, or dedication to our ideas. So thank you, everyone, for the email and letters you sent, requests you made, the awards you gave us, the music you bought, the advertisements you booked, the prizes you provided, the music you submitted, the contests you entered, and for spreading the word, investing in our stock, writing about us in your magazines, baking us cookies, and above all, for listening. We should note: NetRadio still exists as a company, and who knows? We might be back online some day. We still believe in our idea and in the fact that Internet radio has a strong, viable future...Baroque & Before klik
Baroque MediaPlayer
Chamber klikG2
Chamber MediaPlayer
Chant klikG2
Chant MediaPlayer
Maestro klikG2
Maestro MediaPlayer
Opera & Vocal klikG2
Opera & Vocal MediaPlayer
Piano klikG2
Piano MediaPlayer
Quiet Classics klikG2
Quiet Classics MediaPlayer
Symphony MediaPlayer
33 OperadiO dissapeared!

Oswaldkirk, York, GB
This has been Operadio's objective :to bring you the best sung music in its full variety from the world's greatest composers and the world's greatest singers - through the Internet. It is necessary to download a player for all 8 channels. The AudioLink to the right is an example. For much more Opera on the Internet see: Operanut and Operacast OperadiOklik G2 Stereo
67Premium Where?

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Premium is the classical broadcaster for Buenos Aires, but also on the web as ClásicaOnLine : "Lograr la mística de un medio virtual en donde los miembros de la comunidad clásica latinoamericana y de habla hispana se sientan reflejados y contemplados con los valores e intereses compartidos y que por esa identificación mantengan su entrada al mundo de internet a través de ClásicaOnLine, siendo el referente en Latinoamérica de todos los que a nivel mundial tengan interés en aspectos relacionados con el mundo clásico".Premiumklik 32K Stereo

Radio B.A.C.H
is no longer streaming

Glwice, Poland

Radio B.a.c.h or radio kantaty....Just Bach Radio B.A.C.Hklik 64k G2 Stereo

Berlin, Germany
RADIOkultur tritt im Rahmen der Senderfamilie als Spartenprogramm für Klassik und Kultur bei ungefähr ausgeglichenem Wort-Musik-Verhältnis an. Durch das Wortprofil Kultur, durch die Musikfarbe Klassik und durch den Regionalbezug Berlin und die Hauptstadtregion prägt RADIOkultur eine Wellenidentität aus, die es von allen anderen 25 Radioangeboten in Berlin unterscheidet.

SFBklik 96K Stereo

36SWR2 Where? PlayList Available
Stuttgart, Germany
SWR = Südwestrundfunk is located in Stuttgart, Baden-Baden and Mainz in Germany. SWR2 is one of the programs of the SWR which sends mainly classical music, but also information. No commercials. ARD Nightconcert.Windows Media Player:
SWR2 32K Stereo
No live stream
45Vienna Konservatorium Radio Where?
PlayList Available Vienna, Austria
Continually repeating program from the conservatory of Wien. Internet only, with comprehensive playlist . Streaming MP3.First Wien klik 24Kbs 16KHz Mono MP3
Where? PlayList Available
The stations that stopped
Washington DC is no longer in service and
has been part of the WGMS Radio family in Washington, D.C. WGMS is now operated by Public Broadcasting station WETA is a 24-hour Internet radio station presenting classical vocal music in all its forms, from the Middle Ages to the present. It features Opera (individual arias, duets, ensembles and choruses, as well as complete operas and operettas), Choral Music (sacred and secular works with or without accompaniment, in complete form as well as excerpted), and Art Song (lieder, chansons, and other similar works for solo voice with instrumental accompaniment, in complete form as well as excerpted). is produced, programmed, and hosted by the WGMS Classical 103.5 staff, a division of Bonneville group.

Vivaklik 96k G2 Stereo

Windows Media Player:
Vivaklik 64K Stereo

69Wbach Where?
North Beverly
WBOQ I'm sorry to say we had to give up streaming due to new licensing and royalty fees that have made streaming costs prohibitive for us.Wbachklik 20K Stereo
65WCRB Where?

Back Again
Boston MA
You don't need to know anything about our music to enjoy WCRB, the music is fresh but familiar, relaxing yet invigorating.Our program hosts are warm, friendly people, not the stodgy academics you may have heard on other stations. Lot of commercials.We do feel badly that you cannot listen; however, the financial issues raised by pending and additional license fees (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998) by recording companies and pending and additional talent fees for commercials (AFTRA contract) leave us no choice but to wait until this is all sorted out.Windows Media Player:
WCRBklik22 K Stereo
39WETA Where?
Metropolitan Opera Live Back Again
Arlington, VA

WETA FM 90.9 again is the greater Washington area's source for classical music, NPR news, and variety programming. Bonneville's Bruce Reese says "a public radio station is more conducive to classical music than commercial radio" - and he's donating the 15,000-disc WGMS library to WETA (90.9). That puts classical back on WETA, which had steered toward news and information. Plegde

Windows Media Player:
WETAklik 20K Stereo

Where? PlayList Available

Milwaukee, WI
Back Again 130805

Unlisted again 300607

WFMR , Classical 106.9 is the classical station for Milwaukee area. Commercial station with classical favorites, but also The Metropolitan Opera every saturday


Windows Media Player:
WFMRklik 20K Stereo

Yahoo decided to end streaming of terrestrial stations. That, plus the new streaming royalty structure imposed by the Librarian of Congress, made it impossible for WFMR to continue our webcast.

After 50 years on the air, WFMR in Milwaukee suddenly abandoned classical for "smooth jazz" on Tuesday, June 26, 2007.


WFMT Where?
Chicago IL

Back Again

WFMT is the broadcast home of weekly Chicago Symphony Orchestra concerts, opening night performances by Lyric Opera of Chicago, and weekly live solo and ensemble presentations . Much of the programming can be heard no place else. See Chicago Sun-Times article

WFMTklik44K G2 Stereo
High Cost of Royalties and Uncertainty surrounding web streaming forces 98.7WFMT to discontinue service October 14 2002
110WGMS Where?
Classical 103.5 PlayList Available
The stations that stopped

WGMS stood for "Washington's Good Music Station". The station was the first FM signal in the marketplace and holds the record for the longest consecutive broadcast in the same format.
According to the Washington Post it is unlikely that WGMS will continue as a classical station.

Well, the day has come. In Washington, classical is no more on WGMS. Bonneville shuttles classical to non-com WETA - to make room for a Washington "George".

WGMSklik 20K Stereo
Windows Media Player:
WGMS klik 48K Stereo
MP3 stream
WGMSklik48KBps Stereo

WMUU Where?
PlayList Available (WMUU-3)
The stations that stopped
Unique FM
Due to the continued cost of maintaining our Web Radio feature, WMUU has decided to discontinue the Web Radio.
Greenville SC

"The only way to know what is good is to measure it against the best there is. The great masterworks of music have been proven by time and experience to be of intrinsic worth. As we combine this principle with Scriptural guidelines, we discover the source of WMUU 's musical standards. With God's help we intend to maintain those standards as long He enables us to broadcast."Windows Media Player:
klik 16K Mono
60WMUU Where?
Unique FM
Back Again
WMUU Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there have been a number of recent copyright and record keeping requirements placed on radio stations that stream their signal onto the Internet with which we simply cannot comply.Greenville SCWMUUklik 16K Mono
39WNIB-FM Where?

Chicago IL
It is our mission since 1955 to serve Chicago's classical music audience in a format that allows you to stay tuned to WNIB throughout the day functioning as your "classical companion". Stopped since Bonneville International (the Mormon Church) bought the station on feb 12.Windows Media Player:
WNIBklik21 K Stereo
43WNYC Where?
Not classical anymore
New York
The mission of the most listened-to public radio station in America, WNYC, is to make the mind more curious, the heart more tolerant, and the spirit more joyful through excellent radio programming.NPR.Windows Media Player:
WNYCklik17 K Mono
55WQXR Where?
PlayList Available Metropolitan Opera Live

New York

WQXR New York 96.3 FM is the classical radio station of The New York Times Company. The station has been on the air since 1936, when it became the first commercial classical station in the country.The internet audio stream of WQXR is now available exclusively through two services on the AOL Network
Back again sans AOL..

Windows Media Player:
WQXRklik17 K Mono
WQXRklik 64K Mono
56WUNC Where?
Chapel Hill NC
Not classical anymore
WUNC FM is a public service of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and broadcasts informational, educational and cultural programming 24 hours a day to the communities of central North Carolina. Member station of National Public Radio.WUNCklik 20.7K Mono
WUNCklikG2 Surestream Mono
71WYUR 1310
WYUR 1310 which has limped along with a large block of classical music programming, will cease broadcasting at the end of the day Saturday. The station was launched 2 1/2 years ago in an attempt to mimic the discontinued variety programming of radio giant WJR-AM (760). But many of WYUR-AM's big-name personalities bailed out and the station never found its hoped-for music audience. Dearborn. MIWYURklik 16K Mono
72XELA Mexico
Where? Often down
XELA is Mexico's Classical AM Station
Buena Música !

XELAklik 20k Stereo(?)AM


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